Weight of Material

Safety Considerations

For our customers who would prefer to pick up their material, the following weights should be used to keep from overloading your truck. Landscape Depot will not knowingly overload your truck, even if requested. Consult the owner's manual of your truck for maximum capacity.

Material Average Weight in pounds/cubic yard
Mulch 600-800 lbs/yd
Planting Mix / Custom Blends 1200-1400 lbs/yd
Turf Mix 1400-1600 lbs/yd
Sand 2000-2400 lbs/yd
Gravel 2600-2800 lbs/yd

Please bring a tarp to cover your load. It is inappropriate to allow material to blow onto other cars behind you.
Landscape Depot has experienced landscapers, wholesale growers and chemical engineers on the staff to answer more detailed questions. Please contact us for more information on high quality landscape materials in the Gulf Coast region.

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